Discover the Many Treasures of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is rich in Mexican history, festive celebrations and traditions and you are not going to want to miss a single bit of it! Our Fat Tire Electric Bikes will safely take you around town to view the seaside sculptures, colorful culture and historical sites that Puerto Vallarta is so famous for.

Cruise Along the Malecón on a Fat Tire E-Bike

There’s no better way to get around town than on our Fat Tire Electric Bikes. The extra fat tires can safely handle any terrain from the soft sandy beaches of Playa los Muertos to the cobbled streets of the historic city making it easy to travel to all the attractions of the area.

A Better Way to Travel The Beach

Our front wheel drive Fat Tire Electric Bikes can tackle the soft sandy beaches of the playa like no other! The rugged fat tire allows you to cruise up and down the beach in no time at all. Travel better, travel safer.
Rent a Fat Tire Electric Bike from Puerto Vallarta Electric Bikes!

Savor the Flavor of Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

Puerto Vallarta offers several unique culinary experiences with restaurants that serve up the some of the finest authentic Mexican Cuisine around.  Peruse the many restaurant choices on our Electric Bikes before deciding on your dining destination.

Shop the Municipal Artisan Marketplace

The municipal artisan markets of Puerto Vallarta are a great place to find hand crafted mexican clothing, colorful pottery, souvenirs and more. Our fat tire electric bikes make it easy to travel through the streets and browse the entire marketplace in no time.

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Puerto Vallarta

Just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of our lively city are some scenic country roads where you can enjoy that natural beauty of the countryside on a leisurely bike ride. You can use the bike as a traditional bike pedalling for exercise, then power up the electric to take you back home.

Puerto Vallarta Electric Bike Rentals

A Better Way to See PV!

Puerto Vallarta Electric Bike Rentals offers Fat Tire Electric Bikes to cruise around town without the hassle of traffic and parking.

Our Fat Tire Electric Bikes with patented Front wheel drive systems power through the bike trails as well as on the soft sandy beaches, cobbled roads and rugged trails unlike a traditional bike.

You can cruise up to 20 mph and 20 miles on a single battery charge without breaking a sweat or switch to pedal power for exercise.


As Puerta Vallarta is a highly popular destination for visitors, our electric bikes have been in high demand; please note they are first come first serve so don’t miss your opportunity to rent your bike on your desired date and reserve today!

Affordable Rates:
Adult (18+) – $30 (USD)/hr or $75/day
Kids (15-17) – $20/hr or $49/day

Reserving is easy, just click below and begin the registration process today!